Watch the PAL-V Flying Car in Action

The PAL-V One flying car driving on a race trackFor decades people have been waiting for a flying car.  I personally use that as the metric to measure progress to the future.  Well the future is here.  Dutch company PAL-V announced the successful flight of the PAL-V One, which stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle.  And this thing isn’t clunky.  It is supposed to drive like a sports car on the ground.

Seriously, check this thing out.

Now while this isn’t a flying Delorean or a car from the Jetsons, it is definitely the start of something.  Something that I greatly approve of.  If you want to learn more, visit PAL-V’s website.

Now I just need to get rich so I can by one of these.  By one I mean 12.

Thanks to One Cool Thing A Day for ushering us into the future.

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