Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

A Quadrotor taking off from its perch

It's music will be the last thing you ever hear. Once it has practiced a bit more, that is.

Here at Pierced By A Lance, we have a habit of chronicling the rise of robots as we move ever closer to the inevitable war between humans and robots.  We have scene robots learn how to climb and learn to aid us.  But they do seem to take time to learn more leisurely activities, like how to mix drinks or play hockey.  Now it looks like they have taken time to learn how to play music.

These flying robots have learned to play the James Bond theme.  Presumably so they can play it as they invade.

Okay so it’s not a great rendition of the theme.  But considering they have no thumbs or fingers or hands, it’s pretty good.

Thanks to Unique Daily for this.

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