Retro Apple iPhone Cases

old Apple Macintosh logo for the iPhone

Old school logo. Next gen device.

Remember the old days of Apple Macintosh computers?  You know, before the slick, simple, silver designs that they have today.

The previous generation was the multicolored and translucent design.  ”Blueberries,” as some people sarcastically called them.  They were a little too… extravagant for my taste.

Old Apple iMac Bondi Blue

"The Blueberry" (wikipedia.org)

And before that, we had the really ancient Macintosh computers.  Pretty much a beige box with a keyboard.

old Apple Macintosh classic computer

The Macintosh Classic (wikipedia.org)

While I personally think Apple has improved by leaps and bounds in terms of their aesthetics, there is still something special about their previous designs.  And if we put those designs on Apple’s newest devices, you get some pretty awesome iPhone cases…

Retro Apple iPhone cases

Give a retro look to your new iPhone.

I kinda want one…  That iMac iPhone case is friggin’ sweet.  I love the extra little components they threw in there, like the “Power Button” on the iMac one, and the old school PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors on the Macintosh classic case.  Gosh I’m such a nerd.

Thanks to Gizmodo for sharing.

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