Flying Robot Army Invasion

Flying quadrotor robots flying in formation

Shoot one down and two more pop up in its place!

Remember how yesterday I mentioned the possibility of Pierce getting overtaken by the machines?  Well, I’m glad to report that he survived that night.  But it was a real possibility!  It has happened to one of us once before…

Still skeptical?  Here’s more proof that our mechanical overlords are not far away from taking over the world as we know it.

The following video shows a highly advanced quadrotor robot that is capable of some truly incredible maneuvers.  First it is shown automatically righting itself in extreme conditions.  Throw it upside down and it can recover.  Then they show it working in tandem with another quadrotor.  And then in a group.  And then in a swarm.  Prepare yourselves…

The good news here is that these robots are pretty small.  We could probably take out the swarm with a few good shotgun blasts.  The bad news is this technology can soon get out of hand.  Imagine full fighter jet-sized quadrotors invading your town.  My suggestion would be to run.  Or, to be proactive, we might as well submit to our mechanical overlords now and hope they show mercy later.

Thanks to TechCrunch for warning us about the end of the world sharing this awesome video with us.

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