Asimo Is Awesome, Yo

Japanese Asimo robot made by Honda

Meet Asimo, your future robot overlord. (TechCrunch.com)

So we all know that robots will be taking over the world soon, right?


They’re taking over right now.  Seriously.  Wtf is this?  This near-lifesize robot is called Asimo, and it’s awesome.  It can walk.  It can run.  It can hop (on one or two legs).  It can kick a soccer ball.

Yes, Lance, but humans are programming it to do all those things.  Right, but it knows our weakness.  Asimo can also pour a can of beer.  And when its human masters are drunk, then it will make its move.

Don’t believe me?  Watch for yourself…

Here’s more video of Asimo doing everyday tasks:

Believe it or not, South Park had a prototype of Asimo in one of their episodes…

Thanks to TechCrunch for the warning videos.

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