Tetris Theme Song On A Church Organ

Christian Tetris crosses

A religion/video game cross-over.

Soundtracks are a very under-appreciated aspect of video games.  They give you a sense of adventure as you explore the video game world.  They make battle scenes epic.  They become recognizable and iconic.

You could hear just the first seven notes of the Super Mario theme song and you know that’s Mario.  Heck, even Angry Birds has recognizable music now.

One of my favorite video game theme songs is “Korobeiniki,” AKA the Tetris theme song.  And it’s about to get epic…

Holy moly that sounds awesome.  Makes you want to dig out your old GameBoy, doesn’t it?

So let’s play some Tetris, motherfucker!

Thanks to Fandom.Memebase for the video.

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