Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack Violin Medley

Lindsey Stirling Lord of the Rings soundtrack violin Medley

One Violin to rule them all, One Violin to find them. One Violin to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Last time we saw Lindsey Stirling, she was adventuring through the lands of Hyrule with her fabled violin, spreading joyous Zelda music.

Now she has traveled to Middle-Earth to perform another medley of epic songs from the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack.  Listen for yourself for some sweet, sweet music.

Her Lord Of The Rings dress isn’t quite as awesome as her Zelda cosplay outfit, but I think she gets a pass because she traveled to friggin’ New Zealand to bring us this epic footage of the gorgeous landscape.  Beautiful visuals, beautiful music… everything about this video is awesome.

I bet you Lindsey could simply walk into Mordor.

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