Hockey’s Hip Hop Anthem

Goons United By The New School - Overtime "Hockey"

"I'm tired of ballin'. Bitch I'm playin' hockey!"

When it comes to hip hop and sports, one doesn’t normally think of hockey.  I mean let’s face it, there aren’t too many black hockey players in the NHL right now.  But their numbers are definitely growing.  Among the notables are Calgary Flames superstar Jarome Iginla, the brothers Anthony and Chris Stewart, the Philadelphia Flyers‘ Wayne Simmons, and my two favorites… the Anaheim Ducks‘ rookie Devante Smith-Pelly and prospect Emerson Etem.

Could we be seeing a culture change?  Well the hip hop music group G.U.N.S. (Goons United by the New School) certainly thinks so.  In their song “Hockey,” they sing about being tired of playing basketball and switching to (the much better sport of) hockey.  Take a listen.

Before you start, I should probably warn you of a bit of NSFW language.  Nothing terrible… Nothing you wouldn’t expect from your standard hip-hop song.

Now let’s go play some hockey!

Check out Deepside Entertainment for more info on G.U.N.S. and their mixtape Overtime.  Thanks to Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy for sharing.

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