Watch ‘The Rep’ and Find Out What it is Like to Run an Indie Movie Theater

The Rep documentary's logo from the film's websiteThe title of The Rep refers to repertory theater.  These are movie theaters that show old movies and program unique programs of films.  They offer new generations a chance to see classic films on the big screen.  These are really important institutions.  They serve as film preservation in the best way because they are driven by sheer passion.  Most of the theaters are non-profit.  It’s a place where cinephiles get the chance to show movies they love to people who may have never even heard of.

This web series is a documentary detailing the first year of The Toronto Underground Cinema, run by three film fans: Alex, Charlie, and Nigel.  It’s an entertaining and interesting look at something not a lot of people know about.  And they should.

I’ve embedded several episodes of the web series in this post. Check them out.

The Rep – Episode 1 – An Introduction… from Morgan White on Vimeo.

The Rep – Episode 2 – Things are going to get better. from Morgan White on Vimeo.

The Rep – Episode 3 – Do We Have The “Wright” Stuff? from Morgan White on Vimeo.

The Rep – Episode 4 – Do We Have The “Wright” Stuff? Part 2 from Morgan White on Vimeo.

The Rep – Episode 5 – Top Men? from Morgan White on Vimeo.

To learn more about the documentary and the people involved, as well as more about repertory theaters, visit The Rep’s official website.

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