‘The Idle Quest’ Episode 5: “A Magic Moment”

Ian Wallace as Max in the fifth episode of season one of The Idle QuestA month ago I posted about episode one and episode two of The Idle Quest, my web series about slacker wizards.  Episode three sent our wizards our on their journeys, and episode four saw them encounter conflict along the way to their goals.  Now, with episode five  we have reached the finale for season one!  Max and Stuart will have to figure out how to solve their problems.

And they choose some fairly unorthodox (and over zealous) paths.  So now kick back and enjoy the finale of season one where we go out with a bang.  Literally.  (Not literally).  But it is still totally worth watching.

I hope you caught the scene after the initial credits.  That one may be my favorite in the entire season.

As always, you can find our more about the show at TheIdleQuest.com.  Or follow the twitter account: @TheIdleQuest.

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