‘The Idle Quest’ Episode 1: “A New Fellowship”

A can of Coke on a table from the first episode of season one of The Idle QuestA while back I posted a promo video for a web series I was trying to get off the ground.  Well, it worked.  I was able to get that project made and, after many months of post-production, present it to the world.

Here’s a refresher.

The web series is called The Idle Quest.  It’s about two wizards living in Los Angeles.  When one of them messes up, their lives change dramatically and they have to do things they would never normally do.  In the case of this episode, they need to get a roommate.  But that isn’t as simple a task as it may seem.

If you enjoyed that episode, you can find more at TheIdleQuest.com.  Thanks for watching.

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