‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer IN LEGO

A lego version of Bruce Wayne from a lego version of The Dark Knight Rises movie trailerOkay to be fair, this may be one trailer too many for The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve featured the trailer mashed up with The Lion King and Community, but I think there needs to be one more on Pierced By A Lance.  Why?

Because this one is made out of Legos.

Unlike the other trailers, this isn’t a mashup.  This is a recreation.  It is the same trailer, but with everything made out of Legos.  It is reminiscent of the Captain America Lego short, although far less violent.  It’s pretty damn awesome.  And still rather epic.  And Bane looks badass.  And…you should just watch it.

Thanks for this goes to Movies.com.

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