Sweet Short: ‘The Chase’ by Tomas Vergara

The sniper character from Tomas Vergara's short film The ChaseThe story behind The Chase is not an unfamiliar one: dedicated filmmaker locks themselves away for months and produces a finished product for very little money, which they produced entirely on their own.  While this is becoming more commonplace, it is still rare.  And it doesn’t mean the produced film will be any good.  But in Tomas Vergara’s case it does.

Vergara’s short film is really impressive, containing multiple story lines all centered around obtaining a briefcase.  The animation is pretty damn impressive as well.  The Chase is a thrilling action film that I am sure will entertain you.

Watch it.

The Chase (2012) – 3D Animated Action Short Film from Tomas Vergara on Vimeo.

I love the animation style of this short film.  There is something about it that feels organic, even though it is entirely computer animated.  And the action is pretty fluid and well executed.  Particularly the martial arts fight scene that occurs at the midway point.

Although, the character design of the sniper is a bit disturbing because he looks like he is 16 years old.  So it looks like it is a child that operates a sniper rifle and ultimately kills someone in pursuit of a briefcase in what feels like a spy mission.

But all in all, I really dug the The Chase.

Thanks to The Awesomer for posting this.

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