Sweet Short: ‘New Year’s End: A BioShock Short Film’

The title card of New Year's End: A BioShock Short Film featuring a rabbit masquerade maskI remember the first time I played BioShock.  It was an exciting experience.  It was thrilling.  It was terrifying.  The world that the makers of that game crafted in order to tell their story is incredible.  It is something that is so beautiful, yet so grotesque.  It’s a world rich with possibility for interesting stories.

And that is precisely what Jared Potter has taken advantage of with his short film, New Year’s End.  This short film is set in the world of Rapture, the underwater city from the video game, as a prequel to the events of the first two games.  It’s rather well done and worth watching simply to take a trip back to Rapture.

I’m very impressed with what Jared Potter was able to pull off with this film, mostly doing everything himself.  It really rings true to the video game.  To learn more about the short film, visit the New Year’s End Official Site.

And thanks to Machinima for hosting the film on their YouTube channel.

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