Supercut Saturday: The Horror Portfolio

Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert in the movie Insidious

So yeah, children are freaking terrifying.

A supercut is a massive compilation highlighting a very specific element of movies or television. Usually this is used to point out an overused cliché. Sometimes it is used to highlight the idiosyncrasies of a particular artist, usually an actor. These supercuts are usually used to criticize but can also be a celebration.

I love horror movies.  Good horror can tap into our cultural fears and taboos or it can criticize the dogma of society.  Or it can just get under your skin and scare the hell out of you.  It’s a powerful genre that people tend to dismiss.  So I am happy to present a supercut showcasing horror.  YouTube user HatInHand made a supercut that combines 64 different horror movies into a 5 minute long edit.

It’s pretty awesome.

Thanks to BuzzFeed for pointing this out, but a bigger thanks to HatInHand for making it.

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