Supercut Saturday: The 50 Best “Very Special” Episodes

Tiffani Thiessen in the Peer Pressure episode of the television show Saved by the BellA supercut is a massive compilation highlighting a very specific element of movies or television. Usually this is used to point out an overused cliché. Sometimes it is used to highlight the idiosyncrasies of a particular artist, usually an actor. These supercuts are usually used to criticize but can also be a celebration.

Today, we take time out from the jokes to bring you a very special edition of Supercut Saturday.  Like literally.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a “very special” episode of sitcom refers to an episode where the writers of the show have decided to address an issue or cause or problem to teach a moral lesson.  Jest made a video counting down the top 50 of these kind of episodes.  While a lot of people mock these episodes, they still have a lot of power.  Which is why I felt compelled to post this, even though it isn’t really a supercut.  But close enough.

Check it out.  Thank you.

A big thanks to Jest for putting this video together.

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  1. john says:

    nice one… i really love this one…

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