Supercut Saturday: Get Out of There!

Jason Statham with long hair, on a cell phone.A supercut is a massive compilation highlighting a very specific element of movies or television. Usually this is used to point out an overused cliché. Sometimes it is used to highlight the idiosyncrasies of a particular artist, usually an actor. These supercuts are usually used to criticize but can also be a celebration.

Seeing as last week’s supercut was about people being put into bad situations at a moments notice, I thought this one would be a bit kinder.  Today’s supercut is about people being warned that a bad situation is about to happen and they should “get out of there.”  Granted, most of the time this warning comes too late.  But hey, at least they were warned.

Check it out.

This supercut was put together by hh1edits on YouTube.  For a full break down of the films in the video, check out Pajiba.

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