Stylized Disney Movie Posters

The Little Mermaid stylized Disney movie poster

This looks a bit different...

Disney animated movies have a very distinct look.  You can take one look at the screen and recognize it’s a Disney film.  But what happens when someone takes something so recognizable, so familiar, so iconic, and puts a new spin on it?  Some people might not like it, but sometimes they can turn out to be quite cool.  Take a look at some more stylized Disney movie posters and judge for yourself…

The Lion King was one of my first favorite Disney movies.  It had cute lion cubs and funny, friendly animals.  What’s not to love about that?  Scary hyenas and a stampede?  [Distracted whistling...]  Anyways, this poster is much bolder, darker, and simpler than the movie:

The Lion King stylized Disney movie poster

The Lion King

Speaking of simple, check this one out.  I love how four simple symbols are immediately recognized as representing a Disney movie.

Alice In Wonderland stylized movie poster

Alice In Wonderland

This Snow White movie poster is just awesome.  I love the optical illusion of the apple core and the two faces.  The heart in the middle that could also be seen as the apple seeds is an extra touch of creativity and attention to detail.

Snow White stylized Disney movie poster

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

This Peter Pan poster is another display of awesome design work.  The clock in the middle is split between a clock tower in nighttime London and the giant crocodile that Captain Hook fears so much.  Hook’s ship floats off in the distance in Neverland with Peter Pan flying away towards London and Wendy.

Peter Pan stylized Disney movie poster

Peter Pan

I love this movie poster depicting the sleeping princess with the castle in the distance.   The part that I like so much about this poster is so simple…  Is that a road leading to the castle, or is that the outline of Sleeping Beauty’s cloak?  I don’t know, how about both?  Simple yet complex.

Sleeping Beauty stylized Disney movie poster

Sleeping Beauty

And finally, Bambi is one of the most beloved Disney movies of all time.  But also one of the saddest.  People often forget how sad and traumatizing this movie can be.  Well this artist wanted to make sure that that fact wasn’t overlooked.

Bambi stylized Disney movie poster


Check out more of these movie posters over at NY Daily News.

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  1. Gina F. says:

    Wow, these are great! Did you catch the optical illusion of the Alice iin Wonderland one? The four symbols make the head and shoulders of the queen of hearts (or at least it looks that way to me)

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