Max Landis’s ‘The Death and Return of Superman’

Morgan Krantz as Superman in Max Landis's short film The Death and Return of SupermanOkay, I’ll put this on the table right now.  I’m not really a Superman fan.  I don’t hate the dude.  I’m just not particularly fond of the guy. As I’ve made clear with post after post, my favorite superhero is Batman.  But really, that’s beside the point.

I was 3 years old when The Death of Superman was released.  So I didn’t experience the madness and mayhem that came with the release of that book.  Nor did I understand it’s significance as a gamechanger in comics.  Fortunately for me (and you) Max Landis has made en entertaining short film explaining the story line and its impact.  It’s rather funny.

Check it out.

Now, it has become clear to me that Max got some points wrong.  But that wasn’t really the point of this video.  It was meant to entertain.  However, if you want to read some good commentary about the inaccuracies in Max’s film, read this article at Movies.com.  The best part about the article is that Max Landis responds in the comments.  It’s worth a read.

And a hearty hat tip to Slashfilm for posting Max’s video.

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