Awesome Minimalist Posters for Mad Men Season Five

The Mad Men logoLike many people, I am a fan of Mad Men.  I think the show has some of the best writing and acting in all of entertainment, be it movies or television.  However, the thing from Mad Men that seems to have entered into the zeitgeist is the aesthetic.  People love the fashion of Mad Men.  Banana Republic has even created a Mad Men line.  I’m not looking down on these people.  I’m one of them.  I follow the costume designer for the show, Janie Bryant, on Twitter.  I love the whole look and feel of the of the show, from the hats the men wear, to the dresses the women wear, to the glasses everyone drinks out of – constantly.

I’ve also made a point to show how much I appreciate minimalism in design.  Well now Radio, a Cape Town design firm, has combined these two aesthetic loves of mine into a set of posters for the fifth season of Mad Men.  They are beautiful.  Check them out.

The men's version of the poster made by Radio for season five of Mad MenThe women's version of the poster made by Radio for season five of Mad MenIf you like these, check out Radio’s website to see more of their work.

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