Adam Scott’s ‘The First A.D.’

Mark Duplass and Ken Marino from Adam Scott's short film The First A.D.The First A.D. or First Assistant Director is possibly the most stressful job on a movie set.  The job of the First A.D. is to keep the whole thing working.  They are the one that sets the schedule and pushes everyone to maintain that schedule.  This can be very difficult to do when a sequence is complicated or someone is having an off day, which is why First A.D.s can be a brusque bunch.

But then there are some that are just dicks.  Like Ken Marino‘s character in this short film written and directed by the very talented Adam Scott.  Fortunately, Marino’s A.D. is so ridiculous that it is downright hilarious.  Check it out.

“Don’t answer me.  I’m asking you a question.”  That bit really got me.

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