ABC Monsters – A Quick Overview

Dedication card from the ABC Monster video by La PompadourMonster movies have gotten to everyone one way or another.  There has always been that one monster that terrified you, got under your skin, and made you look over your shoulder until…well, maybe you haven’t stopped yet.  But there are a lot of monsters to keep track of.  La Pompadour over on Vimeo decided to make this really helpful little video that goes through the monsters A to Z.  Not only that, it is done with wonderful style.

Check it out.  If you dare…

I love how minimalist this video is.  It speaks a great deal to the power of these monster if one object and a few notes of music can evoke them.  There is a lot of powerful iconography at work here.

Thanks for this goes to The Awesomer.  Also be sure to check out La Pompadour’s Vimeo Page for more videos.

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