A Fantastically Bitter ’2 Broke Girls’ Trailer

The title card for the television show 2 Broke GirlsI constantly have to drive by billboards for the show 2 Broke Girls here in Los Angeles.  And every time it makes me sad.  Every-single-time.  It just seems so calculated to play to the lowest possible level.  And in a time when we have such amazing comedies as Parks and Recreation and Community, this feels particularly egregious.  And this is coming from a guy that has, in the past, watched and enjoyed episodes of Two and a Half Men.  So yeah, 2 Broke Girls is bad.

And I am no the only one that feels this way.  This fake trailer for the show, which is made entirely of footage from the show, is so amazingly angry and bitter.  I love it.  And it starts with such a fantastic opening question. Check it out.

If you dug this, be sure to check out Raboneable’s YouTube Channel for more work.

A hat tip to Reddit for this gem.

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