This Is What Hockey Is All About

A hockey goal in a manmade outdoor hockey rink

I would love to play on this rink.

I love hockey.  And I’m a big fan of the Anaheim Ducks.

I was also able to get Pierce to love hockey too.  He’s a big fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Tonight is one of the rare times our two favorite teams play against each other.  Last year we got the chance to go see our two teams face off at the Honda Center (when the Ducks 3-2, thank you very much) and it was a pretty special experience.  There was some good-natured ribbing.  There were some anxious moments.  But all-in-all, it was just two guys watching their favorite teams playing the best sport in the world.

This year, the teams are playing in Pittsburgh, and, well… we’re still here in California.  Boo.  But here’s a video that does an awesome job of capturing what hockey is all about.  A great sport played in the great outdoors, with great friends having a great time.

Watch the video in HD for the best viewing experience:

I wish I could do that.  That’s probably the only reason I would want to live in a snowy region.  Frozen ponds for outdoor hockey whenever I want.

And gosh, Canada is gorgeous, eh?  I think I love Canada.

Thanks to Backhand Shelf for sharing the video.

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