The NHL Guardian Project: An Introduction

The NHL Guardian Project logo silhouette

The NHL Guardian Project logo from Facebook

In a unique effort to gather new fans, the NHL has partnered up with Stan Lee. Yes, that Stan Lee. The guy who created Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, and Doctor Strange. Basically the entire Marvel Comics universe.

So what the hell is the National Hockey League doing with a comic book legend? Philosophically? No idea. In action? Making a pretty awesome league of superheroes based on the teams of the NHL.

The project was organized so that two teams would be placed head to head each night. Fans would vote for the Guardian they wanted to see revealed via Facebook. The votes would be tallied and at some point during that night of hockey games, the Guardian would be revealed. This went on during January until all 30 Guardians had been revealed.

We found the process to be enjoyable. It added a fun level of anticipation to each night of hockey. We would vote and wait and then critique. While we liked the process, you will see that we did not like each reveal. In fact, we downright hated some of them. In this series, we will present our thoughts on each Guardian. Hopefully, our thoughts will be, well, thoughtful. Failing that, hopefully they’ll at least be amusing.

The Guardians, in order of reveal date:
The Penguin
The King
The Hurricane
The Blackhawk
The Sabre
The Flyer
The Oiler
The Devil
The Wild
The Lightning
The Predator
The Shark
The Bruin
The Canuck
The Canadien
The Capital
The Red Wing
The Blue Jacket
The Flame
The Star
The Avalanche
The Coyote
The Maple Leaf
The Senator
The Panther
The Ranger
The Duck
The Blue
The Islander
The Thrasher

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