Ridiculous Animation Shows What Asians Think Of The NHL

Taiwanese Animation of The National Hockey League

Yes, this is exactly what hockey is like...

The NHL Playoffs are in full swing, and unfortunately for both Pierce and myself, our favorite teams are taking swings of their own on the golf courses.  Sigh.

In case you haven’t noticed, hockey is not very big in the Asian countries.  I guess I’m a rarity among my people.  Sigh.

In fact, it would appear that Asians have a slanted view on the NHL.  Er… bad choice of words there.  Um, Asians have a narrow view of the sport?  Still no good?  Sigh.

Anyways, this crazy Taiwanese animation shows you how the NHL is portrayed overseas.  It is quite ridiculous.

Yes, Taiwan.  NHL players kick each other in the throat with their skates.  Their rocket skates.  They also have aiming HUD’s for pinpoint accuracy when going to maim an opponent.  And the New Jersey Devils are, in fact, actual devils.


I wonder if that’s what my family thinks I do every weekend… I go to the ice rink, transform myself into a penguin and beat people with my hockey stick.

Yes Asia, that’s exactly right.  And you wonder why the rest of the world thinks we’re crazy.


Thanks to Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy Blog for the video.

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