NHL 12 Features Are Being Announced

The EA Sports logo

"EA Sports. It's In The Game." I love hearing that.

Yesterday, EA Sports released the first screenshot of NHL 12, the upcoming installment of their successful NHL franchise.   If you’re anything like me, this is big news.

It has become an annual tradition every summer for Pierce and I to search for the new features of the upcoming game and freak out accordingly.  So when I saw the first screenshot of NHL 12, I kinda sorta hyperventilated.  Are you ready?

A sneak peak at EA Sports NHL12

This screenshot is full of awesome. I'm so excited for NHL12!

HOLY SHIT this picture reveals a lot.  Let’s see here.

We have Brooks Laich…

Shoving goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury…

Into a dislodged net…

While Fleury’s frickin’ mask is flying in the air…

The OUTDOOR air…

At Heinz Field…

During the Winter Classic…

In the SNOW!

All of that from ONE screenshot!  Can you imagine what else we’ll be learning about in the upcoming weeks?  I’m sure more news will be announced on EA’s In the Crease blog as we get closer to September.  And according to the official @EASPORTSNHL twitter account, the first Feature Reveal video will be out next week.

Look out for the NHL 12 Feature Reveal video on IGN next week! Hope you Liked the 1st screenshot we put out today! http://tlk.tc/cq3

UPDATE: May 24, 2010: The first NHL 12 video was released! Check it out!

Oh my god, Pierce, I’M SO EXCITED!!!

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