German Hockey Players Train With Moose

German National Team Hockey Jersey

Seriously, how awesome are these jerseys? (nationalteamsoficehockey.com)

In the NHL, the best teams are battling it out for the Stanley Cup.  Elsewhere in the world, the International Ice Hockey Federation is holding the World Championships.  It’s kind of strange that they happen at the same time.  It leads to interesting rosters as players who are no longer in the hunt for the Stanley Cup travel with their respective national teams to play for a different championship.

Canada is always a powerhouse, USA is a contender, and Germany tries to win with intimidation.  How?  Well, those awesome jerseys are one way.  And also by putting out these promo videos that show their intense training practices involving high speed body contact with moose.

Unfortunately, these guys wouldn’t stand a chance against the Finns.

Thanks to Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy blog for sharing.

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