When the Machines Abducted Lance

Pierce's realization that Lance had been abducted by the machines


I was abducted by the machines, and it was all caught on iChat

I was filming a new product video for a barcode scanner at work.  It was a fun time, being a one-man cast and crew, and chatting with Pierce between takes.  Then things got weird.  Pierce tells me I was abducted by the machines.  I don’t have much recollection of the events, but iChat has the haunting evidence.

It all started with some innocent laughter.  I was in the middle of a take, filming myself scanning a demo barcode.  When went back to my computer after I had finished, I saw that I had left my iChat open, meaning every time I scanned a barcode it entered into iChat.  Oops?  Pierce and I laughed about it.  A lot.  And that’s the last thing I remember…

The machines abducted Lance while he was filming a product video.

A link to http://nooooooooooooooo.com/ Rescue Me by Hawthorne Heights on YouTube

So apparently while Pierce was battling with the machines from the outside, I was doing the same from the other side, trying to break free.  I was at least able to send Pierce a message through file transfer.  Pierce understood the urgency of the message and stepped up his threats, but this only made the machines upset.  He received an ominous video chat invitation…

Pierce received an ominous video chat invitation from Lance's computerPierce sees a video chat invitation and wonders what he will see

The evil barcode scanners went face to face with Pierce using video chat

Pierce was relieved when Lance was finally returned from his abduction.

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