Three Thumbs Up: A Race Against Time

Last Friday, I found myself in a pickle.  I had less than an hour before the start of a very important Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  I had to write a PBAL post before I left for the game.  I also had some work to get done…

A to-do list of things to get done before the weekend.

The odds of me completing my tasks before 5 were slim to none, but I like those odds.  The race was on…

Twenty minutes later, the first objective was completed.  Pierce gave me a nice thumbs up.

I got a thumbs up for completing a taskHowever, I was not satisfied with a simple thumbs up.  I wanted more.

30 minutes left before 5, and I still had to write a PBAL post and get some more work done.  Back to work.

Two thumbs up for my workBy this time, I was determined.  I would allow nothing to stop me.

Nambu showed me too many tweets.

Except maybe that.  I had to read through 461 tweets looking for relevant news for industry research.  In ten minutes.

I pushed on.

I was on a rollI was doing so well!  I was scrolling through those tweets like a madman, browsing, clicking, reading, and taking notes.  I was making good time and the internet went out.

Fortunately it was only for a minute and I was able to continue.  But valuable time had been lost.  Things were not looking good…

I was victorious and demanded recognitionI DID IT!  I was victorious and demanded recognition for my feat.  Little did I know, Pierce was ready.  And his response blew me away.

I received three thumbs up for my accomplishmentsThe end.

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