Pierce Meets Sean Parker: The Beginning Of The End

Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) and Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) from the movie The Social Network

Look at them. Sitting together. SCHEMING together. And I am left in the dark.

Yesterday I asked Pierce if he could get his Dream Sequence post up on the site. Later when I noticed that he did it, I was excited to read it. However, when I did check it out, my happiness turned to rage. The title of his post should have warned me.

So as you know, Pierce and I like to see Pierced By A Lance as our Facebook. Pierce says he is Mark Zuckerberg and I am Eduardo Saverin. More on that later. But that leaves one Sean Parker to come in and ruin our friendship. It has been the elephant in the room. Who is our Sean Parker? When will he come into the picture of PBAL? Well, it appears that he already has.

I went to read Pierce’s post and then saw:

“No, [the title Pierce is the Big Cheese] does not mean I am the boss at Pierced By A Lance. Although I am. (Shhh…Don’t tell Lance)”

What.  The.  Fuck.

Pierce met Sean Parker and has now begun to destroy Pierced By A LanceSo I got the big line wrong.  Eduardo actually says “How about now?  Are you still wired in?”  But as PBAL is not Facebook, and I am not Eduardo, and Pierce is definitely not Mark, I think that’s okay.  Here’s the scene from the movie The Social Network:

And don’t worry, friends.  We are not ending PiercedByALance.com.  And we are not ruining our friendship over this website.  …Right Pierce…?

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