Pierce and Lance’s Delicious Death

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I hear so much about Tim Hortons, and I finally got a chance to try it for myself...

Canadians are always talking about how Tim Hortons is so good.  ”Tim Hortons is so much better than Starbucks.  Tim Hortons is so much better than Dunkin’ Donuts.”  Well you know what?  I got to try it for the first time when some Canadians came into the office last week bearing gifts of the Tim Hortons variety.  And you know what?  They are absolutely right.

Our visitors from the north brought with them a box of TimBits.  That’s a box of donut holes.  Tim Hortons donut holes.  Called TimBits.  Oh you may laugh, but what the hell is a Munchkin?

When the box was offered to me, I skeptically took a single cake donut TimBit.  Afterwards, I immediately got another.  And… another.  I told Pierce about my Tim Hortons experience and we quickly planned to trek to Canada to visit Tim Hortons.  What would the plural of Tim Hortons be?  Because we will be going to many of them.

A plan to eat so many donuts that we die a delicious death

So there you have it.  Our fates are sealed.  We are going to Canada (someday) to overdose on delicious.

However, a wrench has been thrown into our plans. I may have screwed things up for Pierce and I.  Read what happened…

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  1. Jeff says:

    is a Candian like a resident of Candy Land?

    1. Lance says:


  2. JLW says:

    You know, there’s a Tim Horton’s pretty close to my parents’ house. I think it’s in Rhode Island. In fact, I think we passed it on the way to Newport, RI. How about you come tothis one instead, and I can meet you there?

    1. Lance says:

      Hm… I think we could stomach that. See what I did there? We’d still have to go on our adventure through Canada though. And we would likely still go to all the Tim Hortons.

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