Lance’s Love/Hate Relationship With Canada

The Canadian Flag

Oh Canada, why can't we get along, eh?

A short while after Pierce and I had our discussion of Tim Hortons’ delicious TimBits, we started talking about our website.  Pierce saw that we had a visitor from Serbia who spent some time on our site.  Welcome!  However, our stats from other countries (ahem! Canada) weren’t so great.  I expressed my disdain for these Canadians before realizing how important Canada is to me.  But it was too late.  My words had been spoken, and Canada responded in kind. Well, actually… not so kind.

Pierce and Lance discuss the good and bad of CanadaI would like to gleefully point out that Pierce can’t spell Canada/Canadian/Canadiens for the life of him, as witnessed above.  You can see another example of this here (5 points if you find it!).

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