Email: Bad News for Lance is Bad News


Apple's Mail program icon with a fail stamp

Lance and I communicate in many ways, at least electronically. We are still working on the telepathic link as I can never seem to get the hint when Lance is upset with me or not amused. In any case, Lance and I email each other a lot. One day, I got some bad news.

I sent Lance the following email.

An email in Apple's Mail program from Pierce to Lance informing of Mitsubishi's intent to discontinue the Lancer Evolution

I did not know the effect this bad news would truly have until I received Lance’s response.  It was pretty potent.

An email in Apple's Mail program from Lance to Pierce informing him that the bad news caused is MacBook to fail in multiple ways
Lance’s response may be hard to decipher but upon closer examination I was able to determine that:

  • The bad news killed his computer.
  • The bad news disabled the iChat program on Lance’s computer.
  • The bad news caused the touch pad on Lance’s MacBook Pro to cease functioning.
  • The bad news disabled the space bar on Lance’s computer.
  • Lance hates me.
  • Lance does not know what the fuck is.

So it would appear that bad news is, well, bad.  All I can say is…oops.

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