Decision Making At PBAL

A wooden table

You're probably wondering wtf a table has to do with PBAL. Yeah, so am I.

There are a lot of important decisions that need to be made at Pierced By A Lance.  Such as who’s Mark and who’s Eduardo?  Or what’s the greatest thing about Star Wars?  Or which one is the coolest of the NHL Guardians?

So when it comes down to it, how do we make a decision?  Well, at PBAL, there’s a lot of douchebaggery involved…

So I think it’s funny that Pierce always claims to be the Mark Zuckerberg of Pierced By A Lance, but he’s always the one talking about monetizing the site.  If I recall correctly, Eduardo Saverin is the one who was always trying to get money out of Facebook.

Anyways, we had a discussion about how to make some money, and we weren’t exactly agreeing.  Pierce thought it would be best to postpone the conversation.  I thought it would be best to make a dickish comment.

Pierce and Lance argue about monetizing the website


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