Congratulations Pierce!

A wedding invitation

Please join us for this joyous event.

I would like to congratulate Pierce for this big, joyous moment in his life.

As you may know, Pierce is traveling in Central America.  He told me it was to see family.  However, there’s more to it than that.

About a week ago, I happened upon a fellow blogger’s website.  It had some great content, much of which was similar to things you might find here on PBAL.  I also read the About Me page and found that she is a perfect match for Pierce.  I sent him the following email:

An email to Pierce in regards to a potential love interestI thought I was just being silly, but his response shocked me…

Pierce's confirmation that he is getting marriedSo there you have it.  Pierce is not only seeing family in Central America, he is adding to his family.

As much as it pains me that I was unable to make it to Honduras for the wedding, I am still able to provide the wedding rings.

For him:

The Green Lantern Power Ring

So that he can have whatever his mind desires

And for her:

The One Ring to rule them all. Lord of the Rings

Because we all know women rule marriages.

I’m sure Pierce will bring back plenty of footage of his beautiful wedding that we will all be able to watch.

For now, you can get updates on Pierce’s travel by following him on Twitter and searching the #PiercesCentralAmericanTour hashtag.

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