Code ROFL: The Highest Level Of Laughter

ROFL, OMG LOL, and Yuck Yuck are the Red, Orange, and Yellow of laughter

We have reached Code ROFL

Yesterday I was reading Pierce’s Incestual Undertones In Star Wars post for the first time and I quite enjoyed it.   If you like Star Wars, you should check it out.  If you like Carrie Fisher and/or Harrison Ford, you should check it out.  If you like incest… you should get off our website.   Well, I mean we do like your presence here on the site…  And we don’t judge.   But that’s still kinda weird…

ANYWAYS, I was going through his post and one part was especially funny to me.  So much so that I burst out laughing and had to compliment Pierce on his work.  It turned out to be an unexpectedly funny conversation…

Pierce's post made me laugh out loud, so I complimented him on his humor.

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