Browser Wars: Turning Lance To The Chrome Side

Safari vs ChromeI love the Safari web browser.  The smart URL window is very helpful, bringing up a menu so you can quickly navigate to websites from your recent history or your bookmarks as you begin typing.  But my favorite Safari feature is the Reading List, allowing you to keep track of web pages that you want to save for later.  It’s so helpful when I see something that I want to read, but I can’t because I’m busy at work.

Unfortunately, my computer has been running a bit sub-par lately, and Safari has been running slowly and freezing up on me.  It got to the point where I had to make a switch.

I told Pierce about my struggles, and of course the conversation took on a Star Wars twist.

Pierce tried to lure Lance over to the Dark Side of the internetHis offer was tempting, but I resisted as much as I could…

A conversation between the good and the evil, between light and dark, between Safari and ChromeFor the record, Chrome was just as laggy as Safari was, so I think I need to search within to find my answer.

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