A Wild iPhone 4S Appeared! Lance Threw A Master Ball!

You may recall when the Apple iPad 2 came out, my co-worker got one and I was jealous.  Well, actually I’ve been jealous of all iOS users since the original iPhone came out.  Damn that AT&T exclusivity contract.  My Sprint contract expired and I considered making the switch.  It came out on Verizon and I considered that option as well.

But now it has come to Sprint and I’ve been happy with my service.  So did I get myself and iPhone, after nearly 5 years of waiting?  Heck yes I did!

And one of the first things that I did upon activating my brand new iPhone 4S: notify Pierce.  And if you’re guessing that it was consistent with the same Pokemon theme as this post, you would be correct.

Actually, I wasn’t the one that notified Pierce.  I had a little bit of help from a friend…

A text message Diglett appeared!

Diglett! I choose you!

But what did Diglett’s note say?

The note that Diglett was carrying.

The note that Diglett delivered for me.

I was very happy with myself for thinking of this method of message delivery.  In fact, I had been planning it for a couple days.  I pulled it off without a hitch and I was satisfied.  Never did I expect Pierce to come back with a response that would make it infinitely better…

Pierce fainted!

Pierce's response to Diglett's note.

Well done, Pierce.  Well done indeed.

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