A Normal Business Day At PBAL

A picture of a business plan

Table of Contents: 1.1 LOL 1.2 ROFL 1.3 WTF :: 2.1 LOLcats 2.2 YouTubes :: 3.1 Working As A Team 3.2 Backstabbing Those Bastards 3.3 Making 1337 Monies For Yourself

At Pierced By A Lance, it’s not all fun and games. We are, after all, a business. As such, we operate as a business. We have monthly reviews, brainstorming sessions, marketing meetings, conference calls… Well, actually a conference call might just be me talking to Pierce on speakerphone with his cats in the room.

Anyways… It’s always fun to get a behind-the-scenes peek at how things are run, so we wanted to give you that insider look. The following is a conversation from a normal business day here at Pierced By A Lance:

A meeting composed with LOLcats

In case you were wondering about that Business Plan, Pierce has got section 3.2 down really well.  That asshole.

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