WTF Wednesday: Hello Kitty Airplane

Hello Kitty Eva Air airplane

Hello Kitty is terrorizing the skies with cuteness and WTF!

The world is obsessed with Hello Kitty.  That’s no surprise.  But now Eva Air has launched a full Hello Kitty-themed airplane.  Actually, three of them.

So you mean they’re just painted with Hello Kitty artwork on the outside?


Hello Kitty aprons for the flight crew.

Hello Kitty Eva Air Flight Crew


Hello Kitty decorations for the seats.

Hello Kitty Eva Air seat decorations


Hello Kitty bento boxes for lunch.

Hello Kitty Eva Air airplane food

Hello Kitty Noms!

It goes on and on…

There are three different jets with the Hello Kitty experience: the Hello Kitty Loves Apples jet, the Hello Kitty With Magic Stars jet, and the Hello Kitty Around The World jet.  Each one has their own story.  Here’s an example:

The concept that inspires the Apple Jet is Hello Kitty Loves Apples. Apples Care very close to Hello Kitty’s heart. She is five apples tall and weighs three apples. Her favorite food is her mother’s homemade apple pie. Depicted along the fuselage of this aircraft are Hello Kitty and her friends, who happily share their sweet apples with EVA Air’s passengers.

Um… right.

Hello Kitty Eva Air services Fukuoka, Guam, Hong Kong, Sapporo, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo.  Who’s coming with me?

Thanks to PBAL Pal Candice for sharing, and Booooooom! for the images.  Check out EvaKitty.EvaAir.com for more information.

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