Video Game Theme Song Medley

FreddeGredde Video Game Theme Song Rock Medley

Guitars, Bass, Keys: FreddeGredde. Drums: Jolly. Ocarina: Link. Grinder Organ: Guru-Guru.

I’d like you all to listen to another medley of songs created by our friend FreddeGredde.  No, unfortunately he’s not really our friend.  I wish he was though.

FreddeGredde is an awesome musician who likes to make medleys of popular songs and post them on YouTube.  This on here is a collection of our favorite video games‘ theme songs.  It’s an epic blast to the past, and it’s all done in high-energy rock music.  Watch the video below for 10 minutes of face-melting video game theme song awesomeness.

What did you think?  Epic, right?  Pokemon.  Mario.  Zelda.  StarFox.  He’s even got the classics like Tetris and Dr. Mario!  And it all flows so well!

I mean, I don’t understand how one person can be so awesome.  He’s an incredible musician (and he plays Ibanez guitars!), he likes video games, he does a great job editing all of his videos…  You can definitely expect to see more FreddeGredde on our website soon.

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