The Avengers With Cats

Thor Starts The Kitten AvengersSo Marvel’s The Avengers is just killing it.  In the box office.  On the TomatoMeter.  In the hearts of people around the world, boys and girls, kids and adults, geeks and jocks alike.

Well, if the most popular movie was to get mashed up with a popular internet meme, we get The Catvengers…

Captain Ameowrica Avengers With CatsIron Mew Avengers With CatsCat-Hulk Avengers With CatsThor, God Of Thunpurr Avengers With CatsBlack Cat Avengers With CatsCateye Avengers With CatsNick Furry Avengers With CatsAgent Phil Pawson Avengers With CatsLokitty Avengers With CatsHahaha Thor, God Of Thunpurr…

Thanks to Keyyu and 9GAG for the images.

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