TGIF: Emotipugs

Emotipug - Pug is scared of the hat that it is wearing

Emotion: WTF AM I WEARING?!?!

There are often times when you’re writing or chatting and you just can’t find the right words to convey the emotions that you are feeling.  So what do we use?  Emoticons =).  Don’t like emoticons?  Well then this post probably isn’t for you >=[.

But if you like pugs, then I’m sure it’ll more than make up for your dislike of digital displays of delight and disappointment.

Emotipugs is a collection of cute pug photos that convey a variety of emotion…

Whether you’re happy…

Emotipug - cute, happy pug puppy

Or sad.

Emotipug - sad pug puppy in the rainOr if you’re hungry…

Emotipugs - hungry pug staring at StarbucksOr if you’ve had too much to drink.

Emotipugs - drunk Irish pugPerhaps you’re feeling sluggish…

Emotipugs - sluggish pugOr maybe thuggish.

Emotipugs - thug pugOr if you’re feeling festive…

Emotipugs - pug wearing a bunny suitOr just, well… special.

Emotipugs - Pug wearing a unicorn suit in a pumpkin patch for HalloweenFor more amazing photos and emotions, check out Emotipugs.tumblr.com.  But don’t come crying =’( to me if you lose a whole day spent looking at pugs =D.

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