TGIF: Baby Monkey Getting A Bath In A Sink

Baby Monkey Nala getting a bath in the sink

Baby monkey! Baby monkey! Bathing in the sink, baby monkey!

Pierce has proven that baby monkeys are ridiculously cute.  Just click on that link and watch the video.  I dare you to not be happy.  You can’t.  Amiright?

Well in case you need further proof that baby monkeys bring smiles to faces, here’s another video for your viewing pleasure…

Meet Nala, the baby monkey.  She’s actually being used to help two autistic boys in Las Vegas.  Wow.  While that’s very impressive, that’s neither here nor there when it comes to TGIF.  I promised you cuteness, so here it is:

Now you can go back to wondering in amazement of how awesome animals can help those in need.  Make sure to check out Nala’s YouTube Channel for more info and videos of Nala.

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