Tangela Pokemon Cake Looks Oddly Delicious

Zach's Pokeball Pokemon cake

Zach had an epic 8th birthday. (skyejustincakes.blogspot.com)

We’ve seen some cool Pokemon cakes before, and they’ve all looked delicious.  Today is a bit different because it’s a Tangela cake and, well, Tangela is probably the least appetizing Pokemon out there.  That and Jynx [shudder].

So how do you make someone want to eat a big ball of vines?  Like this…

Tangela Pokemon cake

Tangela Cake used Vine Whip! It's Super Delicious!

Look at all that icing!  Mmmmmmmm…  Not to mention it’s a pretty creative way to make a Pokemon cake.  Well done, mom!  I’m sure your little Ash was proud of this cake!

Thanks to PokeMemes for the picture.

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