Star Wars Weekends At Disney World

Disney Star Wars Weekends Yoda Poster

"Trim the hedges, I must. Shaped like a mouse, they shall be."

So let’s see… Disney has a legendary movie studio.  They also have a collection of the most famous theme parks in the world.  They own ABC and ESPN.  They own Marvel Entertainment.  Gosh, what else do they do?

Um, they apparently do an annual Star Wars Weekends event at the Walt Disney World Resort to honor everyone’s favorite space-themed science fiction series (that’s right Trekkies, I said it).

What are Star Wars Weekends?  Um, the best theme park event in the history of theme parks…

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re still cool.  This year, Disney World is re-opening Star Tours in 3D.  As you already know, Disneyland already did that last year. The event also includes autograph signings from your favorite Star Wars characters, Jedi Training Academy, and Hyperspace Hoopla!, a giant Star Wars-themed party full of Ewoks, Jawas, and other Star Wars creatures.  I imagine it looks something like this.

To promote the event, Disney has put out a series of posters and a couple videos:

Disney Star Wars Weekends AT-AT in traffic poster

"My lord, the Rebels have found a way to slow down our AT-ATs. Their defenses are impenetrable."

Disney Star Wars Weekends General Grievous with toys poster

"Nice Buzz Lightyear kid, but I can hold a balloon, some Mickey Mouse ice cream, and TWO swirly light thingies at the SAME TIME! Bahahahaha!"

Disney is doing it right.  Disney does everything right.

To find out more about Star Wars Weekends, visit DisneyWorld.com.  For more awesome posters and video, check out the always awesome NerdApproved.com.

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