Star Wars Cakes: These Are The Cakes You’re Looking For

We have shown you plenty of awesome cakes before, but none of them have been the cakes that you are looking for.

This is the cake you’re looking for:

R2D2 Sculpted Cake

R2D2 Cake (flickr.com/photos/oakleafcakes)

That’s right.  An R2D2 Star Wars cake.  And inside is the secret plans for the Empire’s newest superweapon.  But shh!  Keep it a secret or else the stormtrooper cake will take away your R2D2 cake.

Wait, what?  A stormtrooper cake?  Like, a real, life-size stormtrooper cake?  Yup.  Check it out.

Life-size Star Wars stormtrooper cake

It looks like a clone of a bounty hunter cake... (blog.oakleafs.com)

Look at the detail on this cake!  The stormtrooper comes complete with his body armor, his iconic helmet… he even has his blaster rifle that he can’t aim!

Check out more of Amanda Oakleaf’s incredible cakes over at OakleafCakes.com.

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