Mini Crossbow Shooting Targets

An operational miniature crossbow
You need to watch this video. Like, seriously. Why are you not watching it yet?

I am a ninja. Therefore, I like small, easily-concealable weapons.  I mean, big weapons are cool too, but it’s hard to sneak around with them sometimes.  So when I heard about this mini crossbow that fits on your fingertips, I was intrigued.  And when I saw the video, holy shit.  Just…  Just watch.

It pops balloons.  That’s cool.  It shatters ceramic targets.  That’s impressive.  It sets targets on fire! That’s fucking badass!  Need I say more?  No, but I will.

This guy made this by hand.  It’s just like a full-size hunting crossbow.  Only it’s 4x stronger in power-to-weight ratio. It’s made of 22k gold and solid sterling silver!

Is this not cool enough for you?  Fine.  He also made a mini cannon. Yes, it’s operational.  And yes, it uses gunpowder.  Check out all of this guy’s incredible weapons on his YouTube Channel.

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