Millennium Falcon Guitar

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar

She can play the "Freebird" guitar solo in less than 12 parsecs.

Okay, so we’ve seen Darth Vader playing a guitar.  But wouldn’t it have been perfect if he had been playing this guitar?

“Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral.  I want that guitar, not excuses.”

Anyways, this is a real guitar.  A real, working guitar.  Wanna see it in action?

“She’s the best-sounding hunk of junk in the galaxy!”

Those Y-Wing and B-Wing Star Wars guitars are pretty sweet too.

Thanks to UniqueDaily for sharing.

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1 comment

  1. john says:

    a very nice guitar play… greatest guitar player i have see till now well done sir best of luck for the future…

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